The Infertility Diet
Get Pregnant and Prevent Miscarriage   by Fern Reiss

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The Infertility Diet
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Also in the book's 288 pages are:
    Over a hundred pages of tasty, tested recipes based on the diet

    Menu planning tips that make it easy to follow the diet

    Sample menus for a week

    An appendix listing many other useful tips

    A glossary to demystify some of the infertility terminology

    An extensive bibliography of the latest medical literature on food, fertility, and miscarriage

    A comprehensive index that makes it easy to find everything in the book

“Fern Reiss does a very good job of summarizing and presenting the biomedical literature on infertility and its links to diet, overweight, and vitamin and herbal supplements in an easily accessible and well-organized manner.”
- Dr. Michael Ganz, Department of Maternal and Child Health, Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard University

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