Win $50 in Free Books!

Feeling witty? Poignant? Wickedly clever?

Enter the
"I love my Independent Bookstore because..."
contest and win!

"Because the chains all look the same."

"Because you can't leaf through and get a feel for books on Amazon."

"Because my local bookstore lets me curl up and read in peace!"

Tell us why you love your local independent bookstore. (No novels here, please--15 words or fewer. We'll let you start with "because"...) Be clever. Be heartwarming. Be as un-chainlike as possible. Be much funnier than we have. (We weren't trying to win this contest--we own it.)


If you're this month's national winner, you get $50 in books, your choice! (You also get your name and clever quote displayed in participating cozy independent bookstores nationwide, so that friends can point and say, "Don't they have anything better to do than enter silly contests?")


Love, the folks at Peanut Butter and Jelly Press, publishers of The Infertility Diet: Get Pregnant and Prevent Miscarriage, producers of The Publishing Game, a unique conference for writers and small publishers (, and sponsors of this here contest.

(Download printable Microsoft Word97 ".doc" file of this poster -- 40kb)